Our Story

Warner Lakes Physical Culture Club was established in 2011, by our Head Associate Teacher Kim-Marie Jecht. 

Warner Lakes Physie is a small family friendly club, with members ranging from 3 Years through to Ladies. No dance experience or fitness level is required and there are no costly uniforms. We hold classes at the Strathpine West State School Hall and in commencing in 2020, classes will be held in Bald Hills as well. Beginners are always welcome. Warner Lakes Physie is a low cost dance exercise class for all ages! So if you want a Dance with a Difference, then give Warner Lakes Physie a go.

Our Club's Teacher and Class Assistants

We've loved every minute of our journey

Our Head Associate Teacher

Kim-Marie Jecht

Our Head Associate Teacher is Kim-Marie Jecht. Kim-Marie has a background in education and has worked extensively with children of all ages, for over 20 years.

Kim-Marie comes with over 40 years experience in Physie, starting at the age of 4 herself. Kim-Marie has been a State Finalist as a Junior and Lady and has been a member of many place getting teams.

Kim-Marie has a real passion for Physie and loves that she can share her passion with her daughters. Kim-Marie loves to see "her" girls and ladies grow in confidence throughout the Physie year and shine on the floor during competitions. 

Our Class Assistant

Nicole Hughes

Nicole Hughes assists Kim-Marie in classes across the majority of age groups, with Nicole will be concentrating on stretching, technique, positions and flexibility across all ages groups. Nicole has had years of Physie experience as Physie Mum and also as a Physie Lady and she has a real passion for the sport. Nicole's aim this year is to make everyone be the best Physie girl they can be. 

Why Us?

Every member is given the same amount of quality time and respect in class.

At Warner Lakes Physie, we try and create a real family atmosphere - it's not just about the Physie... family events, picnics, fun days, movie nights, weekends away etc.

So if you would like to attend a club where you are made to feel welcome and "belong" then why not give Warner Lakes Physie a go and become part of our Physie family.